Rescue Angels Arrive Just Before Senior Street Dog Gets Eaten Alive

Posted by TF Oren

When rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited found a dying street dog lying in the road, they leapt into action. 

Upon closer examination of the emaciated old dog, they discovered something horrific. The dog's right ear had been completely destroyed and the side of his head was crawling with maggots. They were eating him alive.

Rescue workers wrapped him in a blanket and whisked him away to to Animal Aid's rescue facility. There, they began emergency medical treatment.

Animal Aid staff administered medication to kill the maggots. After several hours, the maggots were dead and the dog was sedated so that his gaping wound could be cleaned.

Rescuers painstakingly removed hundreds of maggots from the dog's head.

After several days, the iron-willed dog, whom rescuers named Major Sahib, began regaining strength, and underwent treatment for his severe mange.

Watch Major Sahib's amazing rescue and recovery story unfold:

Warning: Graphic

Today, Major Sahib is a healthy, happy senior gentleman who will live out his days at Animal Aid, in the company of other rescued street animals.

Click here to read more about Animal Aid's lifesaving work on behalf of India's street animals, and contribute to help the organization save precious lives, just like Major Sahib's.

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Rescue Angels Arrive Just Before Senior Street Dog Gets Eaten Alive