Republicans and Democrats Find Common Ground Because Everyone Loves Dogs

Posted by Mateja Lane

Neither Trump supporters nor Clinton supporters can deny they love dogs. 

In a daring social experiment, Pedigree sent a woman to a Trump rally wearing a Clinton t-shirt, and then to a Clinton rally wearing a Trump t-shirt. The only thing really protecting her was the fact that she had a "lost" dog trailing behind her.

See how people treated her once they found out she was only there looking for the dog's lost owners.

In this at-times toxic presidential election, it is good to see that people so polarized by politics can agree on one thing: cute dogs.

Pedigree set out to remind us that even though the past year has divided our nation, everyone will come together to help a lost dog find its way home. They will even step back a bit and see this election from a different perspective. It's not like dogs have to worry about politics.

It takes a little while for people at both the Clinton rally and the Trump rally to really even talk to the girl. But once they start petting the dog, they each have their own story about their own pets.

And once the dog's "owner" has been found, the political ice has been cracked and everyone is happy talking about things other than the presidential nominees.

The man in the end of the video says it best:

"We have our differences but everyone loves dogs."

Pedigree is using the hashtags #AVoteForGood and #FeedTheGood to try to hold together a divided nation no matter the results of the 2016 election.

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Republicans and Democrats Find Common Ground Because Everyone Loves Dogs