11 Reptiles Getting in the Halloween Spirit and Ready for Tricks and Treats

Posted by Samantha Bubar
lizard in halloween costume
Bearded Dragon/Forum

Reptile friends shouldn't be left out of the Halloween fun!

Some think reptile scales are spooky enough, but reptiles love Halloween, too! Just because they are small and fur-less, doesn't mean they should miss out on all the festivities. Reptile pets love tricks, treats, and costumes just as much as any other pet.

These reptiles are in costume and ready to get their trick-or-treat on!

Cue Jaws Theme Song...

bearded dragon in shark costume

Clear the water! Shark attack! Oh, never mind. Carry on. It's just a bearded dragon in a shark costume; nothing to see here.

Now he's just waiting for those treats.

Good Witch or Bad Witch?

Happy Halloween! #HalloweenReptile #cornsnake #snakeswithhats

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A snake in a hat could never be a bad witch!

Pumpkins Ripe for the Picking!

The Whimsy Turtle/Wordpress

This perfect little pumpkin looks a bit peeved at his predicament. Don't let the face fool you, though, he's all the more ready for some tortoise-y treats!

Jack-O-Lantern "Leopard"

Being a leopard gecko makes me a fierce jungle feline, right? Leopard spots mean this little guy has a costume year-round!

Taco Anyone?


He thinks this costume is silly, but maybe he'll get tacos for treats instead of candy.

Just Trying to Blend In

Trying his best to imitate the owl; giving it his Halloween all.

Wizarding Wonder

Bearded Dragon/Forum

This magical fella is ready for a night full of Halloween festivities! Now, which house has the best crickets? You better not try any tricks on this fella or he'll turn you into a toad.

Did You See Those Dinosaurs?!


These two pigs aren't quite reptiles, but those costumes are pretty convincing! They're just out looking for as many snacks as they can get their little piggy ... err... scaly paws on. Dinosaurs may be extinct but these little piggy dinos are ready for a good time!

Boo! Did I Scare You?

"Yes, I am the dragon ghost who haunts this graveyard. Give up treats, and I will not bite."

Spell-Caster in Training

Someone doesn't mind the witch costume.

Does This Count as a Costume? 

"I can carry this around Trick or Treating, no problem."

Pets of all kinds should always be supervised when donning a cute costume. There can be small pieces or parts that can be eaten if mistaken for a snack. The costume can also get caught if it doesn't fit right or if there are accessories.

Happy Halloween, scaly friends!

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11 Reptiles Getting in the Halloween Spirit and Ready for Tricks and Treats