Reporter Freaks out When Lost Friendly Parrot Lands on Her Shoulder

Posted by Amber King
parrot lands on reporter
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Some people say this reporter was in the right place at the right time, but from her reaction, she probably disagrees.

Australian reporter Brittney Kleyn was moments away from filming a big report when an unexpected witness decided to help her out. She was standing in front of the camera prepared to go live when a brightly-colored parrot flew into view and landed firmly on her shoulder.

Obviously surprised by the sudden intrusion, Kleyn lets her normal reporter-like repose slip. She panics and flails her arms much to the amusement of her cameraman and the thousands of people who have since seen the video.

After a brief struggle and a few choice words from Kleyn, the cameraman gets it together long enough to coax the bird onto his finger and away from the rattled news reporter.

The short clip of the incident eventually made it to TV, and it wasn't long until the outgoing bird was identified. Michelle Mills said her Sun Contour named Lola went missing, and she started getting phone calls from friends saying they'd seen Lola on the news.

With a little investigating, Mills learned that the mischievous bird responsible for the viral video was in fact her missing parrot.

Lola was reunited with her owner, and Kleyn even got the chance to get reacquainted. She redeemed herself by holding back the hysterics the second time around, and according to her Twitter, the pair are now "besties."

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Reporter Freaks out When Lost Friendly Parrot Lands on Her Shoulder