Reporter Points Out Where a Cougar Was Spotted and Finds a House Cat

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A cat photobombed a local news segment about a cougar sighting in Hernando, Mississippi, and the Internet went wild.

Mississippi used to be on the map for mountain lion migration, but until 2015, no cougars had been spotted in the area in more than 100 years.

A recent report of a big cat sighting in Hernando prompted local Fox13 newscaster Scott Madaus to head to the scene, where a house cat brillantly photobombed the live segment.

The camera holds on the small domestic feline while the banner below reads "Large cat spotted."

The cat that stole the show. Not really sure how my live tease made social media let alone international social media. But here you go if you didn't catch it.

Posted by Scott Madaus FOX13 Memphis on Friday, October 13, 2017

The Internet, naturally, took to the simple comedy, tweeting out responses:

Madaus admitted the house cat was intentionally set in that spot to add a bit of humor to the report. It seems Madaus and his crew, cat included, had full-on support from their viewers.


Nevertheless, the video made international news, so clearly the world is grateful for some much needed levity.

What's the funniest news segment you've seen involving animals? Post the video in the comments below!

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Reporter Points Out Where a Cougar Was Spotted and Finds a House Cat