Rent Your Mom a Chicken This Mother’s Day

Posted by Stacey Venzel
chicken coop

This chicken rental commercial is all the convincing you need to bring Mom home a hen on Mother's Day.

In case you're still thinking of what to get Mom this Mother's Day, Rent the Chicken has a creative, thoughtful idea--chickens!

Whether Mom is a country-dwellin' belle or an urban gal, you can bring the coop to her backyard.

Rent the Chicken small business owners Homestead Phil and Jenn put together this little commercial to show you just how easy renting a pair of egg-laying hens can be:

This seemingly outlandish suggestion is actually quite practical. Who doesn't want fresh eggs? And sustainable, organic eggs to boot! The whole family will benefit!

If the kids are tasked with helping raise the chickens, they learn basic farm responsibilities and skills. It's really a win-win for all involved.

So forget the flowers and blender this year. Opt for chickens instead! As the commercial says, she's gonna love it!

Would you rent your mom a chicken? Tell us what you think about this gift idea in the comments below!

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Rent Your Mom a Chicken This Mother’s Day