Renegade Puppy Goes for Ride in a Shovel

Posted by Jason Sarna
Puppy shovel

Who says a shovel is only good for digging your own grave?

This pup named Godzilla knows what's UP. Seriously, watch as his owner elevates him into the air and takes him on the ride of his life!

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Check out the video below:

Hold on pup! It's a long fall to the ground!

For those of you thinking about shovel riding, know that it can be dangerous. This is a ride with limited safety. There is no net, no seatbelt, no nothing but a hard sheet of steel and a wooden handle separating you from the ground!


Godzilla, however, is a risk-taker. He's one of those pups who likes to live on the edge. And he's getting in his thrills before the government steps in and shuts down his fun by putting all sorts of rules and regulations on shovel riding.

The convenient thing about shovel riding is that if all goes south, you are riding in a shovel, so digging your own grave is fairly easy. However, you won't be the one doing the digging!

Would you like to ride in a shovel? Lets us know in the comments section below!

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Renegade Puppy Goes for Ride in a Shovel