Remembering the Special Bond Carrie Fisher Shared with Her Beloved Dog, Gary

Posted by Krissy Howard

As the world mourns the loss of an icon, the special bond she shared with her service dog, a Frenchie named Gary, will live on forever.  

The tragic passing of actress, author, producer, and mental health advocate Carrie Fisher has the world both shocked and mourning a major loss. By her side up until her last moments was her service dog, Gary.

The "Rogue One" star reportedly went into cardiac arrest while aboard an 11-hour flight traveling from London to Los Angeles and was rushed to UCLA Medical Center immediately upon landing.

Sources report seeing Fisher's beloved French bulldog, Gary, both at the hospital and aboard the flight at the time of the incident, on December 23. The pair would often be seen around town together, and Gary even joined Fisher on her recent book signing in London, as well as press junkets following the recent release of the latest Star Wars film.

Not only would Gary accompany his beloved human counterpart at various events and red carpet functions, the friendly Frenchie spent the majority of his day on the clock, working as a service pet to help Fisher amid her struggles with bipolar disorder.

Fisher, an outspoken advocate for mental health issues, credited Gary for his ability to provide stability and support for her on a daily basis.

While the term "service pet" brings to mind visions of dogs aiding owners with physical restrictions, more and more dogs are being trained to provide support for those with mental illness issues. In one recent study, more than half of the participants surveyed considered their pet to be a highly important aspect in managing their mental illness.

As is the case with bulldog Gary, the face of service animals is also changing, with more emphasis placed on the deed, not the breed. By expanding the world of emotional support and working animals to include often overlooked or even vilified breeds such as pit bull-type dogs, not only are stereotypes becoming shattered, but more dogs are given the chances they deserve to show the world what kind souls they truly are.

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Gary is reportedly now in the care of Fisher's daughter, actress Billie Lourd. With Lourd he will join his Frenchie BFF, Tina, who has been a pal for years.

Since her passing, even Gary has posted a series of heartfelt Tweets celebrating the life of Fisher, and the time they were able to share with one another.

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Remembering the Special Bond Carrie Fisher Shared with Her Beloved Dog, Gary