Dog Tiff Is No Match for Little Referee Puppy and It's Adorable

Posted by Allie Layos
Three small dogs fighting.

You can't have a dog fight when this little dog is around. 

Sometimes playing can get out of hand, and when it does and he hears the classic signs of a dog fight, this responsible dog is around to save the day.

While another sibling actually beats him to the scene, the first white fluff ball is merely an onlooker; the second quickly becomes the referee, launching himself fearlessly onto the couch and into the melee.

You can almost see his thought process during the split second before he carefully inserts himself into the action with just a few well-timed barks.

It is a successful correction, and the fighting ceases almost immediately, but it is also a gentle one, with his tail wagging softly the whole time.

Still, even pups have to be scolded when they are out of line, and when the fighting stops, the referee does take a few moments to scold the participants so it doesn't happen again.

Of course, if it does, we all know who is going to come to the rescue.

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