Reddit User Asks for Unique Dog Names and the Results Are Pretty Great

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Is there a weirder dog name than Duct Tape?

When a Reddit user asked the "dogs" community to share some unique dog names, the results were pretty great. Here are some of our favorites.


1. Speedbump

This stray dog was reportedly hit by a car, rushed to the vet by the driver who hit him, had an emergency leg amputation, and was subsequently adopted by the driver when the owner couldn't be found.

2. Captain Porkchop

A pug somewhere in the world has this name, according to Reddit user 'eggmcmuffington.'

3. Potato

Multiple users report knowing canines named Potato, including a Bulldog and a white Poodle that lounges around all day on the sofa like a couch potato.

4. Pot Roast

Apparently food names are a hot commodity in the canine world.

5. Pockets

More than one Reddit user has a dog named Pockets (or Pocket), but user 'marilokisky' wins with another dog named Bucket.

dog face

6. Duct Tape

Gray patches and a stubborn demeanor earned one dog this name.

7. D-O-G

One family enjoyed giving their dog a name that was spelled out every time he was called. They were further entertained when their young son asked how to spell dog.

8. Fuggles

We're guessing Reddit user 'jeeeeves' dog is a puggle who is so ugly he is cute.

9. Mozzarella

Cheese-lovers and dog-lovers unite thanks to user '0O__v__O0.'

10. Lamp

This dog is probably confused a lot in his house, especially if the home is lacking in overhead lighting.


11. Stamp

Stamp is the canine companion of Lamp thanks to friend of Reddit user 'fir3princ3ss.'

12. Tree-Leaf

This pooch reportedly visited the clinic where 'alexholt00' worked and was, as one might guess, named by a three-year-old.

13. Mr. Sandwich

Another young child chose to name her Frenchie this, as 'Daybowboow' reports.

14. Hey, Get Off the Couch + And You, Too

Reddit user '_Moregone' said her professor didn't name his dogs but they needed names on the vet paperwork, so when he took them in, he just wrote in what he was always hollering at them.

15. Ice Cream

We're really glad parents let their kids name the dog rather than the baby.


16. Spark Pug

We always love a good play on words, and this is no exception.

17. Bear Bait

One Reddit user noted that Bear Bait is listed on Anchorage, Alaska's published list of licensed dogs.

18. Pawnee, Indiana

User 'babyeatingdingoes' is such a fan of NBC's Parks and Recreation that she named her dog after the fictional town. Due to the mouthful, she said the dog is usually called only by her many nicknames.

19. Peach Cobbler

This name is particularly fitting with the fall weather!

20. Theodore Pants

User 'prince_oysterdate' said his dog's nickname is Teddy aka Mr. Pants.

 21. Walter Ego

Get it?

For more unique dog names and laughs, check out the full subreddit. And for more laughs, visit our list of chicken names and guinea pig names.

What's the best dog name you've come across? Tell us in the comments below!

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Reddit User Asks for Unique Dog Names and the Results Are Pretty Great