Red Spots On Dogs
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What Are Those Red Circles on Your Dog’s Belly?


These red circles look terrible! They're actually nothing to worry about according to the vet hospital reporting this news. My younger dog had ringworm and these spots remind me of that so it's very good to know this is not the case! That being said, even though this shouldn't be a major concern for dog owners, I would always recommend checking with your vet when you see a rash like this or anything that flares up quickly. Allergies are nothing to mess around with!

What are these red circles? Are they hot spots? Does your dog lay on the grass a lot during the day? Perhaps at the dog park?

The Morinville Veterinary Clinic in Alberta, Canada, recently shared a message about a common affliction on its Facebook page to reassure pet parents that are seeing large red circles on their dog's belly as they were getting a lot of calls.

Good Housekeeping reports in their article that it's a biting fly that pet owners don't need to worry much about,


"We are getting more and more phone calls about red bites on your dog's stomach," the post reads. "These are a type of fly bite, and dogs generally get them from laying in the grass. They look terrible, but usually, do not bother the dogs. They heal quickly on their own and do not require any treatment. These flies are usually around for a few weeks every spring and then go away. We hope this eases any worry that you may have had about your own dog!"

These appear to be bites from black flies that are usually harmless. A spokesperson with the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) told Good Housekeeping that black flies are widely spread across North America.

"Bites from these flies on dogs are usually harmless, but we'd caution pet owners not to ignore or downplay these kinds of bites, as there may be other causes that could cause similar markings that indicate more of a threat to our pets."

As Spring starts, we are getting more and more phone calls about red bites on your dogs stomach. We wanted to give...

Posted by Morinville Veterinary Clinic on Thursday, May 23, 2019

Always have a rash checked out by your vet and always go with your intuition when it comes to your dogs. When Walter had ringworm we didn't know what it was and ringworm can spread like wildfire.

Allergic reactions, mange, fungal infections, bug bites, yeast infections, and scabs can all look like these red spots so be careful!

Have you ever seen these types of bites on your dog? Please leave us a comment below! 


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