Recall Issued for Several Brands of Rawhide Dog Chews

Posted by Amber King
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United Pet Group has initiated a voluntary recall after a dangerous chemical was found in several brands of rawhide dog chews.

United Pet Group, a large pet product manufacturer with a national and global reach, announced this week that their manufacturing facilities in Mexico and Colombia and a supplier based in Brazil have used a quaternary ammonium compound mixture in the production of several kinds of rawhide dog chew products.

There have been few reports of dogs becoming ill after being given the affected products, but United Pet Group is taking steps to remove the contaminated dog chews from both stores and homes.

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The ammonium compound is an anti-microbial chemical that was being used as a processing aid during the rawhide manufacturing process. While the compound has been approved for cleaning food processing equipment, it has not been approved in the U.S. for the production of rawhide chews.

The most common customer complaint so far reported is a strong, chemical-like odor coming from the package. A few reports also came in of dogs suffering from diarrhea and vomiting. If consumed in heavy doses, the chemical compound may lead to health-related issues including gastric irritation and reduced appetite. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to take the dog to a veterinarian.

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United Pet Group manufactures several brands of dog chews, and the popular brands American Beefhide, Digest-eeze, and Healthy Hide are the source of the recall. It is only the rawhide-based products that are affected, all other chews and toys with these brand labels were not contaminated.

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The rawhide chews were distributed by the facility in Edwardsville, Illinois and are found in retail stores across the country. They're also sold by a number of online distribution centers. United Pet Group encourages pet owners to check their recently bought dog chews and to return affected products for a full refund.

Check the official FDA recall announcement for detailed information about the affected lot numbers and expiration dates.

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Recall Issued for Several Brands of Rawhide Dog Chews