Reba McEntire Channels Horsepower in Her Touching Music Video

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you love horses, then you're sure to love this music video by Reba McEntire.

Horses play a central role in both the lyrics and the music video of Reba McEntire's song, "Just Like Them Horses." The song is a tribute to Reba's late father, Clark McEntire, who passed away in 2014. Reba shared her father's love of horses and played the song at her father's funeral. The song also appears on Reba's newest album, Love Somebody.

Horses are featured prominently in this breathtaking video. The black and white filming makes the beautiful details of each horse even more notable. You can't help but love the freedom that the horses embody as they move about as a herd, and the slow-motion scenes help to further bring the beauty and elegance of the horse to light.

Take a look at this stunning music video.

The lyrics are a touching tribute to the difficulty of letting a loved one go. Within the song, the act of letting a loved one go is likened to opening up a gate and letting them run like wild horses do. It's a poignant image, and one that is sure to hit home with anyone who has ever lost someone close to them. The beauty of this song is that it can work on multiple levels, and is sure to appeal to a wide audience.

It's refreshing to see horses portrayed so poignantly and naturally in a music video. Reba's love of horses is evident, as much of the video focuses on their presence and beauty. Anyone who has ever loved a horse well knows their ability to help people through tough times. Perhaps Reba herself took comfort in the horses during her time of loss, as so many of us have done.

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Reba McEntire Channels Horsepower in Her Touching Music Video