Real Men Love Cats: Compilation of Dads and Cats

Posted by Mateja Lane

The love that men have with their cats is real. 

Men can love cats just as much as their "crazy cat lady" counterparts.

Here are a bunch of cat dads showing you how strong the bond between a cat and their daddies can be.

Cole and Marmalade know their cat dad is the coolest. But some of these other cat dads know how to spend some quality time with their feline pals as well.

Like the dad who takes the time to play outside with their cat; or the dad who shares his cereal; or the dad who serenades his cat on the piano.

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Put the computer aside for a minute and go play with your cat! They appreciate you as much as you do them.

And if you don't have a cat, then go out and adopt one this weekend! No better day than today to become a cat dad.

Because cat dads r cool.

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Real Men Love Cats: Compilation of Dads and Cats