Real Life Lassie: Dog Leads Rescuers to Owner Injured on Hike

Posted by Amber King
All photos via WNEP News

Rescue crews credit a pup named Guy with saving his owner's life.

Emergency responders in Hazle Township saw a classic story of canine heroism come to life when they were called to the aid of a 79-year-old man in the woods of Luzerne County. The man, who had been out hiking when he fell and hit his head, had been stranded in the woods for 12 hours. If it wasn't for the efforts of his dog, Guy, rescuers may have been too late.

911 dispatchers provided the rescuers with the man's general location, but when they reached the foot of a steep embankment, they were forced to reevaluate their strategy. First responder Mathew Marsicano told WNEP News,

"We stopped at an embankment. We didn't think we would be able to drive up. The county was telling us he was up there. We were starting to debate if we could get up there how are we getting him down."


In the midst of their debate, Guy realized their struggle and bravely left his post by his owner's side to run down and greet them. The dog then lead them up the bank by picking his path and turning around frequently to make sure he was being followed.

"He knew we were there. It was like watching Lassie. He led us right up the hill."

Guy made sure the responders made it up the hill, and his barking led the team right to his owner. Once the man was strapped in and being carried back down the embankment, Guy still refused to leave his side.

"As we got him loaded up and started carrying him down, every time we carried him the dog was whining right at our feet."


The responders were careful not to trip over Guy as he watched over his owner. When the group made it safely to the bottom of the embankment, Guy again took up his protective position next to his owner.

Thanks to Guy's Lassie-like efforts, his owner was taken to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries. Hazel Township rescue responders have seen a lot, but even they admit that seeing a real-life Lassie save the life of his owner was definitely a first.

While his owner gets the help he needs, the canine hero is staying with the family of one of the rescue responders. His distress in being separated from his best friend is evident, but the two are expected to have a joyful reunion within the next 24 hours.

All photos via WNEP News

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Real Life Lassie: Dog Leads Rescuers to Owner Injured on Hike