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The Amazing Overall Benefits of Switching Your Cat to a Raw Food Diet


Cats are super picky eaters and sometimes it requires a lot of patience from cat owners when trying to find the food their feline friends love to eat. A raw diet for cats is a great option and worth exploring. When you're ready to make the transition and your cat is putting their nose up their existing meal there are plenty of options available! Remember that cats are carnivores!

As obligate carnivores, cats need protein from meat or fish, amino acids like taurine and arginine (from meat or fish), fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and water.

The SprucePets.com tells us,

"Feeding cats a raw diet means feeding them uncooked animal muscle meat, organ meat, and bones. This type of food is sometimes called the BARF diet, which stands for "bones and raw food" or " biologically-appropriate raw food."

Why should pet parents consider a raw diet for cats?

The number one benefit of raw food diets are a healthy skin and coat. Experts say the difference is amazing. Second reason? Along with this comes fewer hairballs and better digestion (yes, fewer hairballs)! Raw diets are safe for felines because their bodies and digestive tracts are able to handle the foodborne illnesses that we worry about. When it comes to choosing the best kind, high-quality brands specially treat their food so it's safe for pets.


1. Cats don't get enough liquid on their own and moisture is so important.

Since this is such a common problem in cats and urinary issues are something cat owners worry about, a raw diet is a wonderful solution. Some brands also carry freeze-dried raw diet options and adding water is an important step which is another reason to feed a raw diet.

2. Cats do NOT need veggies and carbs in their diets. 

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They don't need either! They can only tolerate carbs in small amounts.

3. The ingredients in a cat's raw diet are designed with felines in mind.

Ingredients include muscle meat, organ meat full of taurine, ground bone or eggshell for calcium and kelp or another mineral supplement added back in to make it a complete diet.

1. Freeze Dried Cat Food by Feline Natural 

This freeze-dried diet contains one pack of 11oz chicken & lamb feast. Feline Natural is rich in Taurine which helps support and maintain your cat's general health, in particular, it assists with healthy eyes, teeth, and coat. Available for $33.99.


4. Rotating the protein source is a favorite strategy among raw food feeders. 

Rotating proteins is a great strategy for cats that are picky and you can consider a variety of proteins within the same raw food brand you're feeding your cat.

5. You don't have to make raw diets from scratch, there are plenty of commercial raw food diets! 

Great news for pet parents! You don't have to work through recipes with a feline nutrition specialist but instead, you can choose from one of many commercial raw diets on the market. Raw feeding is more popular and there is a larger demand and therefore more raw cat food brands available these days.

Cooking for your pets can be time-consuming. So a raw meat diet may be a good option for you. Always talk to your vet or veterinary nutritionist with any questions if your cat has health issues or you're struggling with your cat's diet. A DVM will help you determine appropriate protein sources to try and whether or not this option makes sense for your cat!

Disclaimer: Please consult your vet before making any drastic dietary changes to your pet's diet. 


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