Rat Eating Spaghetti Is Like the Real-Life "Ratatouille"

Posted by Mateja Lane
rat eating spaghetti

Rats are truly misunderstood.

Just look at this little guy. He's just trying to eat a spaghetti dinner in peace, thank you very much.

He isn't terrorizing children, making women scream, or scaring elephants.

He's just a rat and being as cute as he can be.

Rats have a bad reputation. And while I wouldn't want to be trapped in a New York subway tunnel in the middle of the night, I could manage having this little guy eating spaghetti in my lap. He looks so soft!

At least rats got a bit of positive media when Pixar released "Ratatouille," the story of a misunderstood rat just trying to make it as a chef.

Just like Remy in "Ratatouille," this rat is just trying to make it in the food world as a respected creature that deserves some cuteness credit.

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Rat Eating Spaghetti Is Like the Real-Life "Ratatouille"