Hay Delivered to South Dakota Ranch for Starving Horses

Posted by Mateja Lane

The emaciated horses at a ranch in South Dakota are receiving food from donors. 

According to a former ranch manager at Lantry ranch of International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros (ISPMB) in South Dakota, horses are dying from starvation and lack of management.

Now, bales of hay are showing up to the ranch from donors like Susan Watt, executive director of the Hot Springs-based Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary. Representatives from California groups Return to Freedom and Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue have donated $6,000-worth of hay to the ranch Monday morning.

"Let's make a happy ending to this story," Watt told the Rapid City Journal.

Colleen Burns went to the paper last week with disturbing photos of emaciated horses starving to death. She said that at least 30 horses died at the ranch during her employment. She was fired from the ranch last Thursday and has been given a week to vacate her home on the property.

Rapid City Journal

"If the organization itself is not completely restructured with basic business management functions like a budget and especially with a focus on herd and ranch management," Burns told the Journal, "I'm not sure this won't happen again."

Burns' story and photos have been circulating and have pointed to the ranch's financial troubles. They prove that the Lantry ranch has taken on too many horses at their ranch, and can't take care of them.

The ranch was investigated by Dewey County Sheriff's Office last week and they have since turned the case over to the State's Attorney Steven Aberle. ISPMB president Karen Sussman did not respond to the allegations nor the Journal's request to be interviewed about the horses.

The Sheriff's Office posted on their Facebook page yesterday:

If you have grass or hay available, you can contact the officers in Dewey County. They have also set up funds where people can make credit card or cash donations.

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Hay Delivered to South Dakota Ranch for Starving Horses