Racehorse and Jockey Injured at Arlington Park Racetrack

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Photo by Elizabeth Owens-Schiele for Pioneer-Press newspapers via The Chicago Tribune

A horse and rider duo are recovering after a mishap at the Arlington Park racetrack. 

Veteran jockey Christopher A. Emigh and his horse, No. 4 Fitz's Storm, were injured on Saturday, July 9, when the horse crashed into the inner course rails. Emigh was thrown out of the saddle and landed face down in the turf.

The accident happened during the second race of Million Preview Day, just past the 1/4-mile mark turn. The race was only No. 4 Fitz's Storm's fourth career race.

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Emigh, who has 3,000 races under his belt, gave the crowd quite a scare when he came off the horse. He lay immobile for several minutes before he finally moved his legs. When paramedics arrived, "he was alert and conscious and transported for evaluation," according to Arlington Park racetrack spokesman Brian Spencer.

In fact, the 45-year old jockey reportedly waved to the crowd as paramedics loaded his gurney on to the ambulance.

The horse, owned by William Stiritz, galloped off after the accident before he was chased down and caught. An equine ambulance arrived and took No. 4 Fitz's Storm away a little before 2 p.m.

Emigh was sent to Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, and is said to have suffered a "closed head injury."

Horse racing is an inherently dangerous sport for horse and rider alike. However, according to racetrack veterans, jockey accidents are rare. With any luck, both horse and rider will make a full recovery.

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Racehorse and Jockey Injured at Arlington Park Racetrack