German Shepherd and Full-Grown Man Fight off Rabid Bobcat

Posted by Amber King
rabid bobcat

Bobcats don't usually attack humans unprovoked, but when they're sick with rabies, they get desperate.

That's what happened in Arizona when a man was out walking with his German Shepherd. The pair was casually walking by the side of the road when a small bobcat started stalking them. The wild animal chased the man and his dog and finally attacked.

The bobcat launched itself toward its prey, but the German Shepherd jumped into action. The big dog fought off the cat to protect its owner, but its size wasn't enough of an advantage.

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Desperate for a meal, the bobcat clung to the dog's face. At the same time, a bystander who saw the attack ran over to help. The man tried to separate the two animals and got bit by the bob cat in the process.

A video shot by another witness shows the man swinging the bobcat through the air in an attempt to dislodge its jaws from his hand. The cat finally lets go and runs away, but not without causing painful injuries.

The man who was bit was sent to the hospital where he received several stitches and a rabies and tetanus shot. He also has a broken bone in his hand. The dog suffered wounds to its face but is also expected to make a full recovery.

After the incident, officials found the accused bobcat hiding out in a storm drain. It was put down, and it tested positive for rabies.

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German Shepherd and Full-Grown Man Fight off Rabid Bobcat