Rabbits Prove Show Jumping Isn't Just for Horses Anymore

Posted by Paige Cerulli

These bunnies are giving show jumping horses a run for their money. 

There's a sport for rabbits which lets them show off what they do best: Jumping.

Jumping competitions allow rabbits to show off how high and how accurately they can jump. Rabbits are presented with a line of fences which they must clear quickly and cleanly. The rabbit who competes the course the fastest, and which has the fewest number of knock-downs, wins.

You've got to check out this video - it shows just how high rabbits can jump, and how nonchalantly they do it.

Some of these fences are twice as high as the rabbits themselves, but as you'll see, they prove to be no problem at all. Here's a fun look into the world of bunny jumping.

Think that your rabbit might enjoy competing in a jumping show? Then it's time to start training your rabbit while you're at home.

Make sure that you start with low fences which your rabbit can easily clear, and then give your rabbit a tasty treat after each successful attempt. You can gradually work your way up to higher, more challenging fences.

Many rabbit jumping competitions require that your rabbit wear a harness, so make sure that you start introducing the harness well ahead of time.

While bunny jumping is technically a competition, it's also a great way to spend some fun time with other rabbit owners. The environment is supportive, and it's really all about having fun.

Good luck to you and your rabbit!

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Rabbits Prove Show Jumping Isn't Just for Horses Anymore