Rabbitland: Hong Kong Opens First Bunny Cafe

Posted by Stacey Venzel
All photos by Reuters via GMA Network

Now you can eat and drink in public with a bunny at your side in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's newest attraction isn't a tall building, but rather a space filled with bunnies.

Inspired by the Island of Rabbits in Okunoshima, Japan, Ricky Lam and friends set out to establish Hong Kong's first-ever rabbit cafe.

Lam reports that over half of the bunnies that live at the cafe have already been adopted.

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But only rule-abiding patrons are allowed to interact with the bunnies in order to protect the furballs from any harassment.

Customers are made aware that the the rabbits' ears are off-limits.

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The cottontails are housed in pens but also have moments of free-roaming hopping access throughout the dining section of the cafe. Seating for the humans is on the floor to encourage more rabbit playtime.

Similar to the many animal-themed adoption cafes in Japan, Hong Kong's rabbit cafe is so popular it's reached a reservations-only status.

All photos by Reuters via GMA Network.

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Rabbitland: Hong Kong Opens First Bunny Cafe