Rabbit and Cat Will Be Friends Against All Odds

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When this rabbit and cat meet for the first time, they seem to instantly forge a relationship that we're sure will last for years. 

A rabbit and cat can often live together peacefully, but it's important that they're introduced carefully and that they learn how to get along. Introducing a rabbit to a cat requires patience and careful supervision, especially if a cat is much larger than the rabbit.

When an introduction is forced or made too quickly, the pets could potentially be injured in the process.

This video shows a sweet introduction between a rabbit and cat. This pair is very laid-back, but they're also definitely interested in each other. The cat clearly wants to play, but the rabbit hasn't quite caught onto the idea. Still, the two get along peacefully, and we'll bet that they'll be best friends shortly.

Check out the video for yourself.

Do you plan to introduce a rabbit and cat in the future? There are a few things that you should do in order to help make the introduction go well.

First, make sure that your cat's claws are trimmed - even if the cat is trying to play, he or she could potentially scratch and injure the rabbit. Next, allow the cat and rabbit to meet through some sort of a barrier. You may want to let the cat into the room when the rabbit is in his cage, so that they can smell each other safely.

When you do introduce the two animals, watch them carefully for signs of trouble. If your rabbit starts thumping the ground or making grunting noises, he is not comfortable with the situation.

Watch for too much aggression from your cat, and be prepared to separate the two after just a few minutes. By providing short introductions multiple times, you can help your animals learn how to co-exist. In many situations, rabbits and cats even become good companions.

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Rabbit and Cat Will Be Friends Against All Odds