Quick-Thinking Rescuers Save Stray Poodle from Crazy L.A. Traffic

Posted by TF Oren

When animal rescue organization Hope for Paws founder Eldad Hagar spotted a stray Poodle running toward a busy L.A. freeway, he knew he had to act quickly.

Hagar and a helper, Loreta Frankonyte, followed the dog into a vacant lot. They tried calling him, but the skittish stray bolted into traffic.

Hagar and Frankonyte hopped back in the car and frantically searched the streets for the runaway.

Finally, they located the dog at the end of a long alleyway. He was hiding behind a car and looked ready to bolt again at any minute.

The dog made a run for it back through the alley. Fortunately, a quick-thinking Frankonyte grabbed his tail to prevent him from escaping through a hole in the gate he'd entered initially.

Within minutes, the little dog calmed down and was happily accepting head scratches.

Hagar and Frankonyte took the dog, whom they named Sailor, straight to the vet.

Watch Sailor's heart-pounding rescue here:

Thanks to the heroic efforts of Hope for Paws, and a lot of TLC, little Sailor is now a happy, healthy boy awaiting his forever home.

Click here to read more about Hope for Paws and donate to help the organization save more lives like little Sailor's.

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Quick-Thinking Rescuers Save Stray Poodle from Crazy L.A. Traffic