This Pup's Favorite Sporting Event Is Clearly Wimbledon

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When Wimbledon is on the television, you can bet that you'll find this Golden Retriever puppy sitting right in front of the TV!

What would your dog's favorite sport be? Tennis? Swimming? Track and field? Most dogs love a good game of fetch, especially when there are tennis balls involved. But for this adorable puppy, he doesn't have to actually participate in the game to enjoy it. He's perfectly content watching Wimbledon on TV.

This puppy is entranced with the movement of the Wimbledon players as they play their game. For a young puppy, this little guy certainly has an impressive attention span. He's totally focused on the TV and doesn't seem intent on moving at all. Take a look at this super cute video!

Something tells me that chasing tennis balls is in this dog's future! If your dog feels the same way, then it's probably tempting to go out and buy a bunch of tennis balls to play fetch. But wait - tennis balls, used incorrectly, can be dangerous for your pup. Because dogs have strong jaws, they can compress a tennis ball, causing it to pop back into shape in the back of their mouths. This can potentially cut off your dog's air supply.

To avoid this danger, only allow your dog to play with tennis balls when you're around to supervise. Use a single ball and throw it for a game of fetch. Having multiple balls in the yard may encourage your dog to pick up two or more balls at the same time, which can increase the danger. Once you're done with your game, pick up the tennis balls and put them somewhere which is securely out of your dog's reach.

Most dogs love tennis balls, and with a bit of precaution your dog can safely play with a tennis ball, as long as you're around.

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This Pup's Favorite Sporting Event Is Clearly Wimbledon