Puppy vs. Lemon in Biggest Showdown of the Year

Posted by Amber King
puppy confused about lemon

An eight-week-old Golden Retriever puppy challenges a worthy adversary to a duel, but he's defeated in the most adorable way.

The first few weeks of a puppy's life are full of surprises and new obstacles. They're learning about the world in the best way they can, and when we're lucky, their life lessons turn into adorable video-worthy moments.

In Gunnar's case, he's learning all about the mysteries of lemons. Whether it's the taste, the smell, or the look of the fruit, the puppy is convinced this sliced-in-half piece of produce is a threat. He pounces and paws at the harmless object, but his tiny fluffy body is just too cute to be intimidating.

The curious pup jumps around his adversary in a one-sided battle he's determined to win. Shrill puppy barks and the low rumble of baby's first growl do nothing to help his case, but they make for perfect video evidence that puppies are cutest when they're confused.

At one point, Gunnar sits back to watch his prey, likely waiting for the sliced lemon to make its move. An older canine family member even enters the frame, but Gunnar can't be distracted from his mission. After it's clear the lemon isn't moving, Gunnar resumes his ruthless attack.

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But despite the Golden Retriever's best efforts, the lemon lives to torment him another day.

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Puppy vs. Lemon in Biggest Showdown of the Year