Puppy Tries So Hard to Dig a Hole But Is Thwarted by Waves

Posted by Allie Layos
Golden Retriever puppy

If you've ever tried your best and felt like your efforts weren't going anywhere, you know how this puppy feels. 

Angus the Golden Retriever puppy just wanted to enjoy a day at the beach -- you know, the sun, and that great sand that's perfect for digging. Well, until waves come along anyway.

At first Angus is scared of the waves, jumping sideways in fright when they head his way. Then he grows a little curious, and by the time the water fills up his carefully dug hole in the sand, he's just plain angry. And who wouldn't be, if all their hard work was laid to waste?

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Watch this disappointed bundle of fluff begin barking and run to his owner for comfort in the most adorable version of "tattling" ever seen.

Poor Angus.

But remember that age-old saying: try, try again. Just next time maybe try a little further away from the water.

What do you think of Angus's efforts? Tell us below!

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Puppy Tries So Hard to Dig a Hole But Is Thwarted by Waves