Puppy Gives Sweet Kisses When Reunited with Firefighter Who Saved Her

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When a firefighter rescued a puppy in need, the puppy very clearly remembered him and his life-saving efforts. 

Firefighters deal with life-and-death situations every day. They run into burning buildings, rescue people from car accidents, and do any other number of important rescues. When Firefighter Thawley of the Sacramento Fire Department happened upon a puppy in need, he found himself performing a very different sort of rescue. The puppy was sick and was tied up in the rain.

Firefighter Thawley acted quickly, cleaning up the puppy and bringing her to the Front Street Animal Shelter. There, the puppy received much-needed care, but she didn't forget the man who had rescued her. When Firefighter Thawley showed up the next day for a visit, the puppy's reaction was absolutely priceless.

See how the puppy reacted when she saw her rescuer.

It's clear that this puppy knows exactly who her rescuer is, and she's delighted to see him again. Firefighter Thawley is discussing adopting the puppy with his family. We bet she'd be thrilled to have a new home with him!

If you ever see a dog in need, like this puppy was, don't just pass by. Contact your local animal control officer, and if you can't reach them, contact your local police department. Alert people to the animal's condition so that the animal can be rescued. Simply taking an animal from a property can be seen as a crime, so resist the temptation to take action yourself. However, work with your local authorities to make sure the animal gets the help it needs.

This puppy is alive today because someone took action and didn't pass her by. Now she gets a second chance at life, and we'll bet she has a bright future ahead of her.

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Puppy Gives Sweet Kisses When Reunited with Firefighter Who Saved Her