A Puppy Named After Biden Gets to Meet the Real Guy and It Is the Most Adorable Thing

Posted by Mateja Lane
biden meets puppy

Four-month-old Biden the Golden Retriever got to meet his namesake and it was the perfect photo op. 

Biden's owner Sydney named him so because she thinks that Joe Biden was a great former vice president. She told Buzzfeed News:

"I named the dog Biden just because he is probably my favorite politician and favorite elected official. I really respect Joe Biden even though I don't necessarily align with him politically."

senate dog

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Former Vice President Biden was at the capitol yesterday making a speech for the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. Sydney and Biden (the puppy) were in attendance with the hopes of meeting the real guy. Golden Retriever puppy Biden turns heads wherever he goes and he caught the eye of Biden (the human) after he was finished with his speech. He called Sydney and Biden over.

Before he even knew the dog's name, he started loving on puppy Biden. And then Sydney told Biden the man who the puppy was named after.

It was no surprise that "no one was as excited about Biden the pup as Biden the human." Sydney explained:

"As soon as I told him his name was Biden, he started kissing the dog, which is like exactly what I expected Biden would do. As soon as I told him, his face lit up."

And then there was the perfect photo of the Bidens.

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It was a day that neither the furry Biden nor the human Biden will be forgetting anytime soon. Well, maybe puppy Biden won't remember for long. But the politician Biden must have been happy and humbled to have the cutest puppy ever named after him .

Sydney and puppy Biden are at the capitol quite a bit it turns out.

Biden (the puppy) even has his own Instagram page called bidenthegolden.

top dog dc?

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On puppy Biden's page you'll find cute pictures of him posing at historic monuments and it is enough to have it as your only account follow, really.

Do you think former Vice President Biden follows?

Tell us in the comments below!

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A Puppy Named After Biden Gets to Meet the Real Guy and It Is the Most Adorable Thing