Tiny puppy learns what hiccups are.
YouTube: Matthew Kennelly

Tiny Puppy, Confused By His Hiccups, Becomes Furious


Hiccups are never fun, but one small doggo took his dislike for this natural phenomenon to another level.

We've all had them: Hiccups are involuntary contractions of the diaphragm, often caused by eating or drinking too fast and swallowing an excess amount of air. On rare occasions, hiccups can be linked to more serious medical conditions, but mostly, they're just annoying. You likely don't remember your first hiccups, but I can imagine it was mildly confusing for an infant. When one little puppy discovers hiccups for the first time, the cameras were rolling for an all-time adorable puppy video.

Buck was about eight weeks old when YouTube user Matthew Kennelly uploaded the dog's first battle with hiccups. They start innocently enough, but as they begin to pick up, Buck's demeanor flashes from "what da heck" to "get these things out of me!" As the hiccups progress, Buck's anger slowly boils until he begins barking in response.

Tiny puppies learning the world around them is one thing. Buck takes it to another level, as the original video of his hiccup battle has been viewed by over 55 million people.

Puppy Discovers Hiccups, Becomes Furious


Younger dogs are more likely to have hiccups when they're overstimulated and excited -- It's a big world out there, and dog hiccups are a common occurrence. All you can really do is keep them calm until normal breathing is re-established, which typically doesn't take longer than a few minutes. If hiccups persist far more often than normal, a trip to the veterinarian may be order.

And if all else fails, use Buck's method: bark at yourself until you convince yourself to stop hiccuping!

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