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The Puppy Bumper Will Keep Your Escape Artist Pup From Getting Through Fences


One of my biggest fears when dogsitting is having a puppy escape from me! And no, not from a walk, but the owner's backyard. Some small dogs love being curious and sometimes end up through wide fences (or holes). The Puppy Bumper is here to keep your dog from escaping.

The Puppy Bumper is the perfect solution for curious pups! The stuffed collar sits comfortably around your dog's neck. Since it adds extra padding to your little dog's body, they won't be able to get through a fence rail or balcony rail.

Original Puppy Bumpers

Puppy Bumpers Keep Your Dog on The Safe Side of The Fence

  • Machine washable
  • Comfy cotton material
  • $24

The dog collar is made from 100% cotton with polyester fiberfill. It's perfect for the tiniest pups who love being escape artists. Thanks to this safety collar, you can finally have peace of mind while your dog plays outside.


Amazon's customer reviews are amazing! Dog owners love it and are leaving fantastic reviews. A customer gave it five stars and said, "This thing is awesome! I was going to put up some wire mesh across the lower part of the rout iron fence but no need to now."

The Puppy Bumper is for little pups with neck sizes between 10 to 13 inches, so keep that in mind when you order for your new puppy! The neck hole should be the perfect size for a Maltese or Yorkie.

You can order the bumper in two different patterns, pink dots and black and white gingham print. (The polka dot print is too cute.) Machine wash the dog collars with no problem! They'll survive plenty of washes without any wear.

The paw print design is adorable. This is exactly what your (tiny) extra active dog needs. Keep dogs safe, dog mommas!

Puppy Bumpers-Rainy Day (Water Resistant) Keep Your Dog On The Safe Side of The Fence - Black Dot 10"-13"

Here's a collar to use on a rainy day! Keep your little Houdini on the right side of the fence, y'all.

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This post was originally published on June 12, 2020.

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