Puppy Abandoned with Pizza Slices Finds Foster Home Thanks to Internet

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pit bull pup abandoned
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A Philadelphia puppy found tied to a stoop has found a foster home thanks to the Internet.

Philly resident Justin Hanley reportedly found a 12-week-old pit bull puppy abandoned with a bag containing some half-eaten pizza slices and a handwritten note from her previous owners which read:

Posted by Justin Hanley on Sunday, October 15, 2017

Henley shared the discovery with a local Facebook group, and in no time at all, dozens of concerned citizens sprung into action, offering to help Henley get Diamond to safety.

When local animal rescue Don't Bully Us learned about the group's call to action, they stepped right in and found Diamond a foster home.

"It definitely restored my faith in humanity," Hanley said in an interview with Philly.com.

Since in the care of her foster dad, Diamond has been renamed Serenity and is learning how it feels to be given the care every animal deserves to receive.

While Serenity's case is certainly heartbreaking, it is somewhat common to see dogs abandoned in similar circumstances. If you find an animal left in such conditions and are unsure what to do, PSPCA spokeswoman Gillan Kocher has a suggestion: call your local SPCA.

She said:

"Our Humane Law Enforcement officers can respond to the call, or provide additional insight as to what the next steps are. We would recommend not taking the animal as a Good Samaritan, but rather allowing our officers to do their job in responding and investigating the case."

Have you ever found a dog abandoned in need of help? What did you do? Tells us in the comments!

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Puppy Abandoned with Pizza Slices Finds Foster Home Thanks to Internet