Puppies Rescued from Italian Avalanche Where 22 People Are Still Missing

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Puppy Rescue

Amidst the search for survivors of last Wednesday's avalanche in Italy, the discovery of three surviving puppies brings a bit of light. 

The 120,000-pound avalanche, which struck the Hotel Rigopiano last week, has resulted in 16 human deaths so far. Eleven people have been rescued at this time. Rescuers hope that people may still be in isolated rooms, and could have survived the avalanche.

On Monday, rescuers discovered three Abruzzo sheepdog puppies in the hotel's boiler room. Firefighters on the rescue team first heard faint barking, then pulled back a hole in a wall to discover the puppies behind the wall. The puppies' parents, Nuvola and Lupo, are resident dogs of the hotel and managed to make their own way out.

Rescuers were delighted to find the puppies alive, and their survival provided a much-needed boost to rescuers' spirits. This video captures the moment when the puppies were carried out of the hotel.

Rescuers hugged and cuddled with the puppies, and how could you not? They're absolutely adorable, and are a wonderful glimpse of hope among this tragedy.

The area where the puppies were found was relatively isolated from the rest of the hotel, which may have contributed to their survival. Unfortunately because of their relative isolation, the puppies' survival doesn't necessarily increase the chances that more people will be found alive.

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Puppies Rescued from Italian Avalanche Where 22 People Are Still Missing