Puppies Grow, But They Still Can't Run on Hardwood Floors

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Feeding time is super exciting for puppies, but even though this pair grows larger, they still can't master running on hardwood floors.

Puppies are super entertaining. They don't quite have control of their bodies yet, and they're still discovering gravity. Part of what's so great about puppies is that they just don't care, either - fall down? No problem. Slip and slide? Fun! So when these puppies come running for their food, the hardwood floors make their antics even more interesting.

This timelapse video is an awesome account of how these puppies grow over time. This pair of adorable pups certainly gets bigger and older, but when they're called to come eat, that left hand turn on hardwood floors still proves to be a challenge.

Take a look at these two adorable puppies and watch as they try to figure out friction, gravity, and slippery floors.

If you have hardwood floors in your home, they can be a challenge for both dogs and cats, especially if your pets like to race around and your house is full of tight turns. You can provide your pets with more grip by putting down rugs, especially in the places where your pets try to make sudden turns.

While hardwood floors are beautiful, your pets can potentially scratch them up with their nails. Regularly trimming and examining your pet's nails is important. You'll also want to clean and condition your hardwood floors to keep them in great shape.

If you're planning on bringing home some puppies, then you'll need to be extra careful about house training when you have hardwood floors. It's safest to keep the puppies contained to sections of your house which have tile or linoleum flooring, at least until they're housebroken.

When you leave the house, keep your puppies in this section, or put them in crates. If your puppy has an accident on a hardwood floor and you don't find it and treat it promptly, it can stain your floor.

Have a great time watching your pets playing in your home!

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Puppies Grow, But They Still Can't Run on Hardwood Floors