Pumpkin the Fat Cat is Going for Gold in UK Pet Weight Loss Competition

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Meet Pumpkin, the overweight cat from Scotland who's heading to finals for a pet weight loss competition held in the UK.

Weighing in at one stone,  eight pounds (22 pounds,) Pumpkin, a ginger and white tabby cat from Aberdeen, Scotland is getting ready to do some truly hard work as he heads to the final rounds of the PDSA Pet Fit Club weight loss competition.

Pumpkin came to his owner as a kitten with his sister, who isn't overweight. "They both seem to eat the same amount but the difference is that Pumpkin simply doesn't do any exercise. He just lies there," owner Chelsea Mullen told BBC.

"We would like Pumpkin to lose weight so he can start having fun and learn how to play with both his toys and his sister Munchkin again, but most of all we want him to lose the weight in order to keep him healthy."


Pumpkin's goal is to lose seven pounds and will be on a strict diet and exercise regimen for the next six months, which will be a big stretch from his current routine - moving from the couch to the food bowl!

"He's very reluctant to go outside because that involves getting off the sofa and he doesn't even move if he sees a fly," Mullen said.

While it's on Pumpkin to get moving, Mullen will have to do her part too, preventing Pumpkin from indulging in his favorite snacks of chips and ice cream, with the help of PDSA vet, Fiona Gregge.

"With the help of PDSA Pet Fit Club, Chelsea is making the necessary lifestyle changes to help get Pumpkin down to a healthier weight," Gregge said. "We will support him every step of the way over the next six months to ensure they succeed."

Competing against Pumpkin this year are six other contenders, including a pug, a Staffordshire Terrier, a bunny, and a Beagle, among others. The best part about this event? Everyone wins, as trimming down to a healthy weight is the main goal.

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Pumpkin the Fat Cat is Going for Gold in UK Pet Weight Loss Competition