Pug dog lays down for a nap.

22 Pug Puns for Anyone Living The Pug Life


These pug puns are so puggin' pugtastic, they're guaranteed to tickle your punny bone -- especially for anyone living the pug life!

Oh my puggness! Is there anything cuter than a Pug? One of the oldest dog breeds, the Pug is famously loved for their irresistible wrinkly smushed faces, that cute pug tail-curl, and, of course, let's not forget about those puppy eyes that's cute enough to make anyone's heart melt!

Pug lovers know all about the cute factor of a pug puppy: it never fails to bring a smile to our face. That's why we scoured the internet and social media for the best pug memes and the cutest pug puns out there, perfect for any dog lover, especially for any pug owner living the pug life!

22 Funny Pug Puns

1. What did the pug say to his significant other on Valentine's Day? "I pugging love you!"

2. Why can't pugs play nice with others? Because they're all about that pug life.


3. Did somebody order a pugkin spice latte?

4. Call a plumber. The tub is pugged up!

5. Oh no! we've got bed pugs!

6. Oh yeah, the puggle is real...


7. What's a pug dog's favorite book? Hairy Pugger!

8. Oh my pug-ness!

9. The best thing about a dog is all the pugs and kisses they shower us with.

10. What's a doggy's favorite pizza? Pugaroni pizza.


11. What's a dog's favorite food? Spughetti. (As this black pug clearly knows!)

12. Why do pugs always look so happy? They're just pugsitive!

13. Why do pugs hate the rain? They don't want to step in a poodle!

14. Holy Pugamole!


15. What would pug Bart Simpson say? "Ay pugramba!"

16. Just about had it with these dog puns? Abso-pugging-lutely!

17. Waddaya call a dog that likes carrots? Pugs Bunny.

18. Oh, for pug's sake!


19. Had a bad day? Just pug-et about it!

20. What do you call a boat steered by a dog? A pug boat.

21. Where does the dog plug in their charger? The pug socket.

22. What does the grouchy pug say at Christmas? Bah Humpug!


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