Good Boy! Precious Pug Fetches the Newspaper For His "Dad"

Posted by Christy Caplan
Pug And Newspaper

This is adorable! A pug getting the morning newspaper for his dad shows that you can train all dogs to bring you anything. This will not only bring a smile to your face but dogs are so sweet you'll chuckle when you hear how proud his dad is for the gesture.

Training dogs with positive reinforcement always results in behaviors like this one. Perhaps dad gave treats for a week after his dog brought back his newspaper or just played tug with a toy.

Whatever the case, this pug is a good dog!

This adorable dog is now a social media star thanks to his dad for posting such a cute video. We all love when our best friend shows off for the camera. Remember though this pug puppy could be a golden retriever or any old dog from an animal shelter. Training is both easy and fun!

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Good Boy! Precious Pug Fetches the Newspaper For His "Dad"