How to Protect Your Smartphone Around the Barn

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If you've ever broken or lost your smartphone at the barn, then you'll want to check out these tips!

Is your smartphone always on you, including when you're riding and working around horses? Having your phone available can be an important safety measure and is often a necessity, but keeping smartphones safe around the barn can be a challenge.

These tips can help you to protect your phone around the barn.

Secure Your Phone

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There are countless ways to damage (or lose) your phone when working in the barn. You could drop it into a water bucket, or it could fall down the stairs or the hayloft ladder. It could fall out of your pocket while you're grooming and a horse could step on it.

The best way to protect your phone from being damaged around the barn is to secure it to your body. Keep your phone in a zippered pocket, or use a belt clip which tightly holds your phone so that it can't easily fall out. Shoving your phone into a jeans pocket is inviting accidents, so look for a device or method which anchors the phone to you, even when you're active.

Get a Phone Case

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When you're working around horses, a quality smartphone case is a necessity. But don't go out and buy just any case. You'll want to invest in a case which provides your phone with heavy-duty protection, especially in case you do drop your phone.

Shop around for a case which is waterproof and which has port covers to help keep dirt and dust out of your phone's ports. The case should also incorporate screen protection.

Clean Your Phone

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Even when you're using a phone case, your smartphone is still subjected to heavy dust and dirt around the barn. Periodically cleaning your phone can help to keep it working properly. In order to clean your phone, remove the phone case.

Be careful, though - if your phone screen is cracked, removing the case may allow the screen cracks to spread. In this event it's best to leave the case on the phone until you can have your phone repaired or replaced.

Once removing your phone case, turn your phone off and remove the battery. Use a Q-tip to gently brush dust out of the battery compartment. You should also check the phone's ports to make sure that no dust or dirt has built up inside.

If your phone back and battery cover are plastic, use a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to clean the surface. If the phone is metal, then lightly dampen the cotton swab with water and avoid using rubbing alcohol.

You can clean your phone's camera lens by moistening a Q-tip and quickly rubbing the lens. Immediately wipe the lens off with a dry Q-tip to avoid water spotting and streaking.

Finally, clean the screen by wiping a microfiber cloth from the screen's top to the bottom. Regularly cleaning your phone can help to keep it in working condition.

Insure Your Phone

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When you know you'll be using your phone around the barn, it's likely a worthwhile investment to insure your phone for damage. Having phone insurance can reduce or eliminate the cost of having to replace your phone in case it is damaged or broken.

Do you have other methods of protecting your phone around the barn? How do you keep your phone safe?

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How to Protect Your Smartphone Around the Barn