Surprise Proposal of the Ages Takes Love, a Little Planning, and Her Horse

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When this rider's boyfriend incorporated her horse into the proposal, he came up with one of the best proposals for horse lovers ever.

Imagine this: You're spending a wonderful day with the horse that you adore. Out of nowhere, your long-time boyfriend appears. Then he gets down on one knee and proposes.

Proposals which incorporate horses can be incredibly meaningful for horse lovers, and they make this special moment even more memorable and special.

The boyfriend in this video hit the nail on the head with his awesome equestrian proposal. His girlfriend thought that she was having a photo shoot done with her horse, so she dressed up and had her horse looking great. What she didn't know was that her boyfriend had planned the whole thing, and was waiting to propose to her during this special moment. And, of course, he arranged for the whole thing to be captured on film. Take a look.

This certainly isn't the first equestrian proposal out there. You've likely all seen the video that went around a few years back of the boyfriend who decorated his wife's barn and horse, then mounted up and waited for her to come to the barn. While you don't have to go quite to those extremes, incorporating someone's horse into a proposal can definitely be a nice touch.

Our horses share many of the special moments in our lives. They're there for us when we suffer disappointments. They're also there when we enjoy some of the best highs in life, whether it's winning a major class or accomplishing a movement that we've been trying so hard to learn.

What do you think - would you want your horse to be incorporated into your dream proposal?


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Surprise Proposal of the Ages Takes Love, a Little Planning, and Her Horse