Proof That Being an Equestrian Is Hard Work

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you ride horses seriously for any length of time, you'll learn one thing quickly: Hard work stands between you and your ultimate goal. 

Horseback riding is not for the weak. This sport requires the utmost dedication, strength, and confidence. Every time that you mount up, you're trusting your life to an animal who is ten times your size. Falls and injuries always happen at some point, no matter how talented you are. Learning to ride, and to do it well, requires hard work.

Equestrians haul heavy hay bales and water buckets. They aren't strangers to dirt and mud, and you can find them in the barn in negative-degree temperatures as well as during the sweltering summer heat. They're bruised and cope with sore muscles, but they're also driven because they want to ride.

The below video captures that perfectly. Things don't always go right when we ride, but that's part of the hard work that we have to put into this sport. Check out this beautiful and inspiring video.

When you're an equestrian, there will be bad days when things go very wrong. You will try and you will fail many times. You will work, work harder, and work some more. And even so, things will still go wrong.

But if you keep working, and you put in the hours and the dedication, at some point things will start to go right. Whether it's that perfect round in the show ring or the moment when you and your horse truly connect, the highs of riding can be absolutely wonderful.

Hard work pays off, and you can't run from it. You can't be afraid of it. It's part of riding, and the only way to meet your goals is to work for them.

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Proof That Being an Equestrian Is Hard Work