Professor Uses His Dog to Give the Best Attendance Quiz Ever

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professor and dog
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This University of Vermont professor gave the best attendance quiz ever thanks to his dog.

David Chapnick remembers the first time he walked into his Consumer Law and Policy class and saw Maggie. She stood out because she was not another student, she was the professor's dog.

Since the class meets in the evening, having a dog around was a great way to keep everyone motivated.

Maggie the classroom dog

In an interview with The Dodo, Chapnick said:

"The first time Maggie came into class, everyone was fawning over her. She is a very calm and lovable dog. Personally, I felt that having her in class really instilled a brighter mood and atmosphere, which is very helpful in a course that first starts at 7 o'clock in the evening."

Maggie wandered happily around the classroom, and all the students enjoyed her presence.

Maggie the classroom dog

Then one day the students walked into class to see not only Maggie but also a quiz on the screen in the front of the classroom. It was the professors's way of taking attendance for the day - perhaps the best way to take attendance ever.

attendance quizChapnick said:

"Maggie is always very well-behaved. For most of the class, she'll be meandering in and out of the rows of students, stopping once in a while to sniff a bag or receive a pet from someone. Maybe once or twice a class, she'll bark at the door, just to let my professor know that someone is there. But by the end of class, without fail, she will always be found right at the feet of our professor."

Chapnick's impression of Maggie should come at no surprise, since, according to answer B, "She's a very good dog, yes she is."

Which answer would you have chosen on the quiz? Tell us below!

All images via The Dodo.

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Professor Uses His Dog to Give the Best Attendance Quiz Ever