Pregnant Horse and Her New Toy Don't Exactly Hit It Off

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When this mare meets her new toy, she's not at all thrilled with it, and she makes her feelings very clear. 

Some horses love toys. They'll play with them for hours, and pretty much act like little kids on Christmas morning. In fact, there's a whole market for horse toys. For an inquisitive horse, a new toy is the best present ever. But the mare in this video doesn't feel quite the same.

This is Gypsy. Gypsy is pregnant with her third foal, and she's been a great mom in the past. So when Gypsy spotted a used horse toy, her owner decided to put it into the field with the mare to see what she would do. After all, Gypsy has been a loving mother to foals. She'd probably react to the horse toy in the same way, right?

Not quite.

Well, clearly Gypsy doesn't appreciate her new toy too much. Horses have different reactions to things - some horses may love this toy, while others may hate it. Perhaps Gypsy sees the toy as a threat, or an invasion of her space. Maybe the stuffed horse is a little too lifelike for her comfort?

If you'd like to treat your horse to a toy, you'll have many choices. Whatever toy you choose, make sure that it's safe for your horse. Many horse toys are designed to use treats or sugary horse "lollipops," but remember that too much sugar isn't good for your horse and can cause its own issues. It's better to look for a toy that doesn't involve food, so your horse can play with it as much as he wants.

Toys can be great ways to keep horses entertained. They can help to prevent boredom, encourage your horse to move around, and even avoid vices, like wood chewing or weaving. Just make sure that your horse likes the toy, though. Maybe giant stuffed toys aren't the greatest idea.

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Pregnant Horse and Her New Toy Don't Exactly Hit It Off