Every Little Girl's Dream: Play with a Pony in Fruit Bushes

Posted by Mateja Lane

This may be every little girl's dream: to play with a pony while eating raspberries. I know it was mine. 

When I was little, I desperately wanted a pony.

One day my mom found me in the garage, crying, trying to make space for something. My mom asked me what was wrong and I told her I had asked Santa for a pony and was worried about where I would keep it. I just needed more space; the pony needed more space.

Luckily the little girl in this video was able to play with her pony because she had ample space on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

A little girl can only be so lucky.

The pony trots after the toddler like it is partly wanting to look after her and partly wanting to play.

There are a few moments that the little girl gets behind the pony, which is a no-no. But the adults carefully steer her away from the pony's back hooves, keeping the playtime safe.

The pony loves the little girl as much as the little girl loves the pony. It is the start to a lifelong friendship.