Pot-Bellied Pig 'Missed the Bus' While Evacuating Canada Fire

Posted by Tori Holmes
CBC News

A week after the evacuation at Fort McMurray that separated Marshall from this family, the tough little pig is found safe.

When the evacuation was called, Michelle Coutu had just minutes to pack her family's belongings and hit the road. After her daughter, grandson, and three dogs were packed in the car they realized in horror that there was no room for their beloved Marshall, a 4½ year old pot-bellied pig.

"All I could do is let Marshall out of his pen and put some food down for him and pray for the best" Michelle explained.

After they were out of harm's way, CBC reported that Marshall was on the loose and asked those in the city to look out for him. This was smart thinking, because when the Alberta RCMP posted a picture of some of the animals their officers have found, the public quickly realized one of the featured animals was Marshall himself.

After being alerted that Marshall was alive and well, Michelle and her family were ecstatic. But this wasn't the first time Marshall has had to deal with an evacuation; three years ago, Michelle's family was evacuated due to flooding. That time, Marshall was rounded up by the three RCMP officers who loaded him into the back of their pickup. Unfortunately, this time, he missed the evacuation bus.

While residents wait to hear about re-entry plans, Michelle and her family are staying with family in Newfoundland. During this time, friends and animal custody will be looking after Marshall the lucky pot-bellied pig.

We're glad you're doing okay Marshall!

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Pot-Bellied Pig 'Missed the Bus' While Evacuating Canada Fire