Pot for Pets? CBD Products Help Ailing Animals

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CBD products are comforting four-legged arthritic and cancer patients around the country.

Medical marijuana isn't just being used for humans these days. Veterinary clinics throughout the U.S. have been carrying cannabis oil pet products for a few years, but the craze is just now hitting the media.

The legalized marijuana debate that continues to infiltrate political conversations certainly had a hand in bringing the pet CBD topic front and center. Now, pet guardians are flocking to the vet clinics asking for alternative treatment for their beloved companions.

CBD oil contains cannabidiol but little to no THC, the latter being the mind-altering component that gives recreational marijuana drug users a "high." Without THC, animals remain alert and responsive, but receive positive therapeutic effects of CBD's healing properties, such as chronic pain relief for arthritis in dogs and cats.


CBD oil is also being used to thwart tumor growth in canine and feline cancer patients and as a pain management tool. The drug has calming properties, too, used to treat furry individuals suffering from separation anxiety and depression.

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Veterinarians will prescribe a calculated dose of CBD to a patient based on the animal's weight and ailment. Typically, the dose involves a range, which can be cut down on if the patient gets too sleepy while on the drug.

Humans turned to CBD oil for its medicinal properties in treating cancer, a leading argument for medical marijuana voters. The oil is derived from the hemp plant. With only trace amounts of THC in cannabidiol products, CBD is legal in many states.

Parts of the plant used for CBD oil are not the traditional parts required for manufacturing marijuana that would otherwise be considered illegal in some states. In fact, a number of distributors market their CBD products under the name "hemp oil" in an effort to distinguish it from the recreational drug.

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While CBD sales continue to be a battle within the DEA, who considers CBD illegal under federal law, state jurisdiction is the real judge. A total of 44 states currently allow the sale of CBD oil, though requirements still vary considerably.

CBD pet products can be administered in a number of ways. Capsules, soft gels, oral paste, liquid drops, balm and salve, and even meat-flavored CBD treats can offer your pet some much needed relief.

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Ask your veterinarian if CBD is the right fit for your furry friend. Note that it is recommended that pet owners order CBD direct from a veterinarian for quality control rather than buying it than online, as advertised CBD amounts can be misleading from actual percentages.

Has your pet used CBD? Tell us about your pet's experience with pain relievers in the comments below.

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Pot for Pets? CBD Products Help Ailing Animals