Portland Gal Dresses Her Foster Kittens Up Like Taylor Swift

Posted by Jason Sarna
Taylor Swift cats
Images via Instagram

Who knew dressing up foster kittens as Taylor Swift would be so cute!

This veterinarian named Jessica loves Taylor Swift. She also loves her foster kitties.

When Jessica decided to combine her two loves by dressing up her foster kittens as Taylor Swift, the results couldn't be cuter!

Jelly has a dark side

Dobby's all about that rep

Garbanzo has some slithery friends

Fava looking favulous

Luna rocking out on the guitar

Pinto is a princess who loves to dance

According to BuzzFeed, Jessica created the tiny cat costumes herself. Not only does she know how to save animals' lives, but she also knows how to make them look like rockstars!

How could you not want to adopt one of these rockstar kittens? To follow Jessica on Instagram, click here.

Is there a musician that you like to dress your pet up as? Let us know in the comments section below!

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