What Is Popcorning and Why Do Guinea Pigs Do It?

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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Popcorning is the name for those crazy leaps your guinea pig does in the air, and there's a reason for it.

The behavior is aptly named as it does make the little rodent look an awful lot like a kernel of corn that has just popped. But fear not if your piggy is popcorning about! It's a good thing; it means your pet is happy!

Healthy, excited guinea pigs will exhibit this behavior on occasion. It is observed more frequently in babies than adults, but adults still embrace moments of joy by jumping about. Also worth noting is that adults are heavier than babies, so their bounds and leaps might not take them as far off the ground as their little ones.

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Because they jump straight up in the air as if they are riding a pogo stick, the behavior is also called "pogoing" by some. The scientific term for these jumps is pronking, but popcorning is way cuter than the other terms.

Guinea pigs are not the only creatures to popcorn about. Gazelles practice "stotting," though some theories suggest it isn't so much a playful act as one to tell predators to step back. Every once in a blue moon, a horse will frolic about in this manner as well.

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Popcorning is such an adorable guinea pig trait that it would be nice if you could train a guinea pig to do it on command. While you cannot quite encourage your cavy to reach for the sky, practicing good parenting will lead you in the right direction.

Happy guinea pigs hop about, and happy guinea pigs are healthy guinea pigs. Making sure your furry friend has ample and varied food, plenty of water, running space, play time and a clean home might give your piggly wiggly the nudge to be his own hippity hop.

If you have never witnessed popcorning behavior before, it looks just like it sounds. Similar to a kernel of popcorn, your piggy might burst up in the air without warning. But the behavior is just as cute as it is surprising, and it means you're taking great care of your pet.

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What Is Popcorning and Why Do Guinea Pigs Do It?