Poopy Cat: Deluxe Cardboard Playhouses for Cats

Posted by Kat Tretina

If you have a cat, you have probably discovered their strange love and obsession with cardboard boxes.

As soon as something is delivered to your door, your cat is scratching at it. And once you remove the contents, the empty box has been commandeered by your trusty feline. But if "scattered empty cardboard boxes" isn't exactly the décor you're going for in your home, there's now another option.

Poopy Cat (yes, that's the name of the company), has designed easy-to-assemble cardboard playhouses modeled after international architectural landmarks. Your kitty gets its cardboard box, and you get to laugh at how hilarious he looks in a mini Eiffel Tower!

White House

Especially during an election year, your political kitty may find the White House a popular vote.

Poopy Cat

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is tres magnifique for the posh cat who loves high fashion...or just loves to both climb on top of and crawl underneath stuff.


Taj Mahal

If your fortunate feline desires a trip around the globe to visit one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal model is the perfect choice.


The Sphinx

The stately Sphinx playhouse is built for a king. This one is especially great for those felines wanting to connect with their Egyptian ancestors.


The Kremlin

This cardboard fortress inside a city is ideal for the most territorial of kitties. She can stand guard and get all comfy and cozy all at the same time.


Mayan Temple

The Mayan Temples were built to honor their gods. But since your cat is likely convinced he himself is a God, this structure is perfect for his lounging pleasure.



If your cat is especially meditative, perhaps the pagoda is an ideal fit for her. Light some incense and let her have some personal zen time.


The company began their venture by making an ecofriendly, compostable cardboard kitty litter box that your can just throw away after use! They are currently sold out of their litter boxes but keep an eye for future stock.

All photos courtesy of Poopy Cat

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Poopy Cat: Deluxe Cardboard Playhouses for Cats