Pony Swept Away in New Zealand Flood Waters Turns up Alive and Well 13 Days Later

Posted by Amber King
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After nearly two weeks, this pony's return is as miraculous as it is mysterious.

A few months ago, three separate storms smashed into North Island, New Zealand leaving devastation in their wake. Boats were ripped apart, homes were flooded, and two ponies were swept away by the river.

Liz Currie's ponies were swept downstream by a raging river engorged by recent rainfall. After sending out a search party, one of the horses was found only a few hours later. But the second, a 20-year-old Thoroughbred mare named Voice, was nowhere to be seen.

As the weather calmed and flood water receded, Currie held out hope that she would find Voice. But as days passed, she knew the odds of seeing her beloved horse again were slim.

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NZ Herald

On the 13th day after the incident, Currie was shocked to learn that Voice had been spotted walking down a road only feet away from where the river took her. She was caked in mud and sand, but besides a few minor scratches and hunger pangs, the long-lost horse was healthy. Currie told the NZ Herald;

"Where she came from, I have no idea, because we've scoured every part of that river over and over again. She's obviously been stuck on a bank somewhere because she was a real mess."

Voice was treated to a bath, a good meal, and much-needed rest. Currie will likely never know what happened to her horse during the 13 days she was missing, but right now she's simply happy to have her back.

What do you think happened to Voice? Let us know in the comments.

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Pony Swept Away in New Zealand Flood Waters Turns up Alive and Well 13 Days Later