Pony Joins Bike Race and Jokes Ensue

Posted by Paige Cerulli

A loose pony joined in on a bike race, and Twitter users are coming up with the best jokes ever. 

A pony who evidently should have been born a racehorse took it upon himself to join in on a bike race in Poland this past Thursday, and the Internet can't handle it.

The little pinto pony galloped along, dragging a lead rope, and didn't hesitate to join in on the Tour of Poland cycling road race.

While the pony may have had the heart of a racer, he just didn't have the speed, nearly falling down on a bend and gradually falling behind the cyclists. You can see video of the little racehorse below:

The pony made a valiant effort in keeping up with the competitors but was eventually safely driven off the road by one brave cyclist. And then, the Twitter jokes began:

This plucky pony has opened up plenty of opportunity for bad puns. Some news outlets are calling him "Prance Armstrong." The headline for the above Twitter post "Attack de Pony Gallopin" is a play on cyclist Tony Gallopin's last name.

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While we don't know where the pony came from or what became of him after the race, we'd assume that from the trailing lead rope there was likely a handler hot on his trail.

The pony may not have crossed the finish line, but he's a winner in our hearts!

Have you ever had a naughty pony escape from you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Pony Joins Bike Race and Jokes Ensue